PQCrypto 2017
The Eighth International Conference on Post-Quantum Cryptography
Utrecht, the Netherlands, June 26–28, 2017

Accepted papers

The following papers have been accepted to PQCrypto 2017 and been published in LNCS 10346.

Code-based crypto
  • A new rank metric codes based encryption scheme
    Pierre Loidreau
  • Ouroboros: a simple, secure and efficient key exchange protocol based on coding theory
    Jean-Christophe Deneuville, Philippe Gaborit, and Gilles Zémor
  • CCA2 Key-Privacy for Code-Based Encryption in the Standard Model
    Yusuke Yoshida, Kirill Morozov, Keisuke Tanaka
  • A Reaction Attack on the QC-LDPC McEliece Cryptosystem
    Tomáš Fabšič, Viliam Hromada, Paul Stankovski, Pavol Zajac, Qian Guo, and Thomas Johansson
  • Quantum Information Set Decoding Algorithms
    Ghazal Kachigar and Jean-Pierre Tillich
Isogeny-based crypto
  • Loop-abort faults on supersingular isogeny cryptosystems
    Alexandre Gélin and Benjamin Wesolowski
  • Fault attack on Supersingular Isogeny Cryptosystems
    Yan Bo Ti
Lattice-based crypto
  • Fast Lattice-Based Encryption: Stretching SPRING
    Charles Bouillaguet, Claire Delaplace, Pierre-Alain Fouque, and Paul Kirchner
  • Revisiting TESLA in the quantum random oracle model
    Erdem Alkim, Nina Bindel, Johannes Buchmann, Özgür Dagdelen, Edward Eaton, Gus Gutoski, Juliane Krämer, and Filip Pawlega
  • Cryptanalysis of RLWE-Based One-Pass Authenticated Key Exchange
    Boru Gong and Yunlei Zhao
  • A Hybrid Lattice Basis Reduction and Quantum Search Attack on LWE
    Florian Göpfert, Christine van Vredendaal, and Thomas Wunderer
Multivariate crypto
  • MHFEv - An Efficient Multivariate Signature Scheme
    Albrecht Petzoldt, Ming-Shing Chen, Jintai Ding, and Bo-Yin Yang
  • MQ Signatures for PKI
    Alan Szepieniec, Ward Beullens, and Bart Preneel
  • An Updated Security Analysis of PFLASH
    Ryann Cartor and Daniel Smith-Tone
  • Improved Attacks for Characteristic-2 Parameters of the Cubic ABC Simple Matrix Encryption Scheme
    Dustin Moody, Ray Perlner, and Daniel Smith-Tone
  • Key Recovery Attack for All Parameters of HFE-
    Jeremy Vates and Daniel Smith-Tone
  • Practical Key Recovery Attack for ZHFE
    Daniel Cabarcas, Daniel Smith-Tone, and Javier A. Verbel
Quantum Algorithms
  • Post-quantum RSA
    Daniel J. Bernstein, Nadia Heninger, Paul Lou, and Luke Valenta
  • A low-resource quantum factoring algorithm
    Daniel J. Bernstein, Jean-François Biasse, and Michele Mosca
  • Quantum Algorithms for Computing Short Discrete Logarithms and Factoring RSA Integers
    Martin Ekerå and Johan Håstad
Security models
  • XOR of PRPs in a Quantum World
    Bart Mennink and Alan Szepieniec
  • Transitioning to a Quantum-Resistant Public Key Infrastructure
    Nina Bindel, Udyani Herath, Matthew McKague, and Douglas Stebila
  • ORAMs in a Quantum World
    Tommaso Gagliardoni, Nikolaos P. Karvelas, and Stefan Katzenbeisser

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